Kingdom Hearts Samples & Hip Hop

Kingdom Hearts has touched the hearts of many people. Now, its glorious soundtrack is getting a second life.

Oliver is a massive proponent of using Kingdom Hearts samples, going as far to have three songs in this list. The first one we have here goes even as far as to sample a cutscene from the game.

Trippie Redd’s 6 Kiss is known for its usage of the Sailor Moon sample, but there is a small usage of the a Kingdom Hearts sound effect.

Probably one of the most unlikely to have a placement here, French Montana uses this sample to deliver one of his best songs to date.

Sauce Walka the Texas legend also takes a shot at the same sample, doing a perfect twist in a way only Sauce can deliver.

One of the most forgotten of the early 2010s mixtape era does a fantastic flip of the Kingdom Hearts theme.

Oliver is back with another flip of a Kingdom Hearts sample, complete with bars about the video game.

One of the most likely to be here, Lil B does his classic style in a way only Lil B can deliver.

Our final Oliver track brings what is mostly likely his darkest flip of the song, putting a perfect cap to this sample trilogy.

An early Princess Nokia cut does a flip of the classic theme of Kingdom Hearts with cheesy bars about Japan, Pokemon and Gameboys.

Florida duo Lofty305 & Ruben Slikk does a syrupy cloud rap flip of the classic song.

J. Cole provides a flip of a Kingdom Hearts song on one of the best songs on his debut album.

A Memphis Phonk style cut, rapper $not provides his own unique twist of the sample.

The most unique of the bunch is provided by rapper Ethel Wulf, now known as Xavier Wulf. This strays away from the typical flip of the themes from the games and does a sample flip from one of the game’s levels.

Lil Bibby brings a Chicago drill cut into the mix.

Dumbfoundead takes an approach at one of the game’s levels, this time going over a Winnie The Pooh level.

A bit of different approach, rapper ITSOKTOCRY does a full cover of the main theme in something of a hyperpop style.

Listen to the full playlist of these tracks here.

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