Kodak Black 2021 Recap Playlist

Kodak has maintained one of the best of the Florida scene. In a year jammed packed with drama, anywhere from violated probations, court issues and a beef with Jackboy, he has had one of his best years musically through it all. Here we’ll go over some of the best songs to come out of it all.

Z Look Jamaican [Haitian Boy Kodak]

Kodak’s first project this year was Haitian Boy Kodak, and it was a welcome return. On the flute-backed instrumental, Kodak describes the crew he rolls around with. As a natural talent that comes to Kodak, he plays with multiple flows and inflections. His lyrics are as catchy as they come on the track.

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Feelin’ Peachy [Happy Birthday Kodak]

Continuing the roll he’s on, he dropped an EP on his birthday. The track starts with him singing, and quickly flips to him flexing his status. Even though he’s eating calamari, he still keeps a gun right by his side. As the track progresses his flow becomes more energized, escalating with each hook.

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Versatile 3 [Before the Album]

An absolute classic was made on Project Baby 2 with the track “Versatile,” and he’s continued the series going on his mixtape Before the Album. The track is such a clear spur of the moment stroke of genius, as he stops in the track to say, “Fuck it this a Versatile 3.” His singsong like flow is incredibly infectious, as he dips in out lyrics about his new whips and trap lifestyle. His ability to glide between extremely serious bars and light fun bars is flawless.

Locked up in that cell, got me wondering where my life went

I’m livin’ on a prayer, the only thing that get me there, mmm

It’s like I’m chasing after death, me and my niggas, we be sniping

Knew you wasn’t real, got me feeling like I’m psychic

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Super Gremlin [Sniper Gang Presents Syko Bob & Snapkatt: Nightmare Babies]

What is possibly his biggest song of the year, winded up on a Sniper Gang compilation. This song is in response to his beef with Jackboy, a former Sniper Gang member. While it is not the only song of his in reference to the situation, multiple songs were made in response, this song is possibly the best. The track feels incredibly personal, as Kodak talks about how he wanted to succeed with him yet could not care about him any longer. As the sample looms in the background, Kodak let’s all his thoughts loose in the most Kodak way.

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