Kodak Black – Closure EP (Review)

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After the success of his most mainstream release, Kodak returns with a small EP. These four tracks don’t aim for the radio play of his last release, but focus inward on himself. In its short runtime, Kodak goes over his relations with his closest friends. During this departure, he continues to seek the freedom from his struggles that he’s so desperately searching for.

Tracks like “Some Time Away” hear him in his rawest state, off-beat ramblings with questions whirling throughout himself. Trying to search for where the issue truly lies, whether it be within himself, drugs, the people closest to him. Its a singular verse, there’s no hook & a simple guitar driven melody. From this track, it should be clear what the EP is striving for. A loose collection of his thoughts, rather than something concise.

He expands on this with another track “I’m Off That,” where he states:

I ain’t good with my words, so I talk through music

Its a track that promises that this is the last mentioning of Jackboy, which seems to be a direct response to Jackboy’s disses on his new album Majorly Independent. He deals with the backstabbing of Jackboy, wanting for everything to be settled & dealing with the death of SniperGang affiliate WizDaWizard.

Kodak Black – I’m Off That

On “They Fear Me,” he deals with the music industry & thoughts about leaving it all behind. Throughout it all he recognizes that he could’ve been bigger, but let it slip away due to jail time. He toes the line between the industry & the streets, wanting to keep it real despite the fear it might insight.

This constant struggle with emotions & personal trauma have sent Kodak to a creative high. While the result has been phenomenal music, one can only wonder when he’ll finally be free. Every moment of clarity & closure he seems to earn by the end of his projects, find him right back at the start of the next one. With the title being Closure, hopefully Kodak has finally achieved it.

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