Kodak Black – Kutthroat Bill: Vol. 1 (Review)

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Kodak Black returns with another near-Halloween release, but its far from his greatest. While last time he brought the super hit “Super Gremlin” and multiple firey singles, this project lacks most of those features. With plenty of filler, we see someone at a creative peak on autopilot.

The benefit of this project against Nightmare Babies is its not a label album. So while the last one was loaded with features from the members of his label, this one is mostly Kodak all the way through. So while this is far from his greatest project, you avoid waiting for someone more capable to grab the mic.

Features here are scarce but are worth mentioning. Lil Crix, a recent signee to Kodak’s label, is another worthy member embracing the Florida sound. His track, even though its labeled as a feature, is a track that’s all him over a empty yet hard hitting instrumental letting him unleash lyrically.

While he’s remarkable on his track, VVSNCE on the contrast is not. While she’s shined on solo tracks in the past like “Back It Up,” she weakly handles the hook duties here. In this short feature, its unclear why she takes up the duty that Kodak could’ve probably easily delivered.

Kodak Black – Walk

Majority of the beats here wind up unremarkable unfortunately. While Kodak clearly is a master of flow, part of the appeal is having the great production. “I’m So Awesome” for example shows how commanding his flow is against a fairly boring beat; its a track that should shine but falters against the nondescript backdrop.

Few tracks here wind up memorable, but the ones that are will undoubtedly be thrown in playlists. “Walk” uses this orchestral beat that add to the grandiose feel to his trap lyrics. “300 Blackout” sees him in a “Super Gremlin” mode, relentlessly dropping a recap of his life against an epic sounding beat. “Kodak The Boss” has a Drake-esque instrumental as his sloppy autotuned voice delivers life advice.

In an EP format, this would be an immediate high class mark in his discography. Yet, with many tracks that easily could be skipped over, it winds up as an unremarkable entry. With that being said, he clearly has much more to offer to the music industry. Clearly emptying out the cutting room floor, hopefully when the next album comes he provides all killer no filler.

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