Kool Keith – Live at Rose Music Hall, Columbia, Missouri, USA 24 September 2015 (Live Rip)

Amongst the haystack that can be YouTube, there’s plenty of gems. Live Shows are abundant, ranging in quality but always worth checking. Uploaded by user snivelttam, there’s a set by Kool Keith in Missouri 2015. The full playlist of the performance can be found here, but here we’ve split the audio into album format.


  1. Blue Flowers – Live in Missouri 2015
  2. Spank-Master/Livin’ Astro – Live in Missouri 2015
  3. Sex Style – Live in Missouri 2015
  4. Poppa Large – Live in Missouri 2015
  5. Freestyle 1 – Live in Missouri 2015
  6. Freestyle 2 – Live in Missouri 2015


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