KoolKidKalvo – Willie Beamen (Review)

Born in Indianapolis, Indiana, KoolKidKalvo is making the most hypnotic music out today. His newest release Willie Beamen can be off-putting on first listen, featuring his lazily delivered melodic flow paired with beats that never build into large drops. After letting it fully sink in, it becomes one of the more unique projects of the year. All these elements that could be turn-offs to many become its strengths.

Take the first proper song here after the intro track, “Chamber of Secrets.” A synth introduces in this sedated state, and KoolKidKalvo performs this sing-song flow. Through the layered beat though, KoolKidKalvo drops bars about having to live his lifestyle by himself due to the untrustworthiness of others. No matter the success you see, there will be some level of paranoia with haters at every corner.

Songs like “Any Given Sunday” show off a more upbeat & less lazy tone. With more energetic production he’s forced into these more complex flows, finding new pockets every couple of bars. Features break up the monotony of the track list as well, being handled by SlowMotion & TaxFree Jizzle.

Beats here are reminders of older Soundcloud & cloud rap producers. Production here could easily gone to older style Carti or Marcy Mane, having woozy synths & heavily layered drum patterns. They’re reverb drenched, feeling spacious & echoing forever. This makes it addictive, paired with KoolKidKalvo’s flow that draws you in, its a perfect combination.

This project strikes a special feeling, recalling older hip hop stylings & adding a twist to them. While it lacks the cheekiness of old cloud rap, it feels more grounded in & relatable. His bars about building relationships & finding others in the cold world are something many listeners can share. He never showcases some crazy flow or absurdist lyrics, because that’s not the point. This project aims for relatability, and it lands it.

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