Lanvin’s Earliest Lyrics in Hip Hop

Despite French fashion house Lanvin’s rich history spanning over one hundred years, only in the past year have they shown interest for hip hop. Atlanta rapper Future become the first Guest Creative for Lanvin Lab in 2023, with his final collection being unveiled in March of 2024. While their collaborative history is small, they have been referenced within the genre for years. There are countless modern lyrics about the brand, with their Curb shoe being found on seemingly every rapper’s feet, but one has to wonder the lineage of the lyrics. Where are the earliest mentions of the brand from?

Jay-Z & Kanye West – “Illest Motherfucker Alive” (2011) [Watch the Throne]

Lanvin thousand-dollar tee with no logos

Watch the Throne is easily one of the most bombastic records of 2011, and possibly of that decade. A collaborative album between Kanye & Jay-Z was long-awaited, but they delivered an album much different than something as retrospectively simple as “Izzo (H.O.V.A.).”

As Kanye continued to try & breakthrough the world of fashion, with him having released collaborations with Nike & Louis Vuitton just a few years prior & the Adidas collab right around the corner, his fashion house lyrics followed his journey. Watch the Throne featured lyrics about Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Margiela, Giuseppe, Hermes, and of course, Lanvin on the track “Illest Motherfucker Alive.”

Das Racist – “Fashion Party” (2010) [Sit Down, Man]

Garbage bags, Lanvin
Why you call it ‘Lan-vin’?

Das Racist will forever be one of the most off-kilter rap groups, and their final mixtape saw them poking at the world of fashion. Their track “Fashion Party” looks into the lifestyle through their point of view, also with the help of the band Chairlift. Interestingly enough, Heems’ lyrics about Lanvin follow a similar scheme to what Pusha T would do on his track “Dreamin of the Past” on the album It’s Almost Dry in 2022:

“Annoyed ’cause this bitch callin’ Lanvin “Laen-ven”

Also on the track “Sociopath” released prior to the release of It’s Almost Dry:

She don’t know if it’s Lanvin or Lanvin

Clipse – “Pop Champagne” (2008) [Road to Til the Casket Drops]

My Lanvin shades is clown-proof

Leading up to their album Til the Casket Drops, a mixtape for the album was released through Play Cloths. This would be the first lyric that Pusha would drop about the brand, even though it is not focused on the pronunciation of the brand. Being a remix of the Jim Jones’ track “Pop Champagne,” the verse is focused more on the lifestyle that came with the world dealt within.

Ne-Yo & Kanye West – “Because of You Remix” (2007) [Single]

Fly shit that you be on
Gucci on, Lanvin, Louboutin

While there might be references to Lanvin prior to 2007, none came up in my research. So as it stands, Kanye was once again ahead of the curve with his fashion forward sense all the way back in 2007. Interestingly enough, this would be the same year Lupe would drop his legendary verse on “Gold Watch,” with countless references to other fashion labels that was just as forward-thinking. Who knows if it was their mutual love of fashion or just the knowledge that came with the fame & traveling, but it is quite special both these verses were released the same year.

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