Lil Tony Official 2023 Recap Playlist

Lil Tony Official, or simply Lil Tony, has been at it for a couple years now. He first hit my radar with Playas Live 4eva Deluxe in 2022, but his 2023 showed him dropping an entire body of work unlike no other. The Atlanta rapper’s sensationalized lyrics of violence but more conventional flow give him an intensity unlike many of his contemporaries.

Who Is Me [Troc]

Troc was just one of his many releases in 2023. This release saw him locking in with producer Hariroc, someone who he has now been consistent collaborator with. At a short runtime of seventeen minutes, this release serves as a perfect introduction to Lil Tony for those unfamiliar with him.

Before I Got Rich [TKEY]

TKEY showcases a bit more of his skillset. The album’s production is a bit more diverse due to it not be a single producer, features from the rapper Lil Birdie break up the pacing, and there’s a few slower paced songs that give an extra dimension to his sound. These newer sounds may be not for everyone, but they do show that he’s not as one-note as you might assume.

Canoozled [2 Sides 2 Every Story]

While most of his releases were had a runtime of around thirty minutes, 2 Sides 2 Every Story felt like his first real full album in 2023. A full runtime of an hour with twenty songs, the album is a relentless listen of his absurd street lifestyle. A featureless album that lets Tony shine against the dark & depressive backdrop of beats.

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