Lil Tracy & Drippin So Pretty Album “Pray” is releasing January 20th, 2023

Teaming up under the name of VampBoiClique, Lil Tracy & Drippin So Pretty are dropping their first collaborative project together. Officially confirmed through their Instagram, the project will release on January 20th. Being teased as far back as October of 2022, the project has been in the works for some time now. Both of their outputs haven’t slowed down in the meantime either, with each of them having released projects in 2022.

Lil Tracy released his album Saturn Child in June of 2022. Meanwhile Drippin So Pretty dropped two albums, one in March titled Sorry 4 the Wait & another one in May titled Betrayed. Each of their projects saw them play with the sound of Rage music, so it could be expected here something along those lines within their new material.

Stream Lil Tracy – Saturn Child on Spotify

Stream Drippin So Pretty – Sorry 4 The Wait on Spotify

Stream Drippin So Pretty – Betrayed on Spotify

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