Lil Wop

Lil Wop drops his second project this year just in time for Halloween, but its not what’d you expect.

Lil Wop is one of the best to do this “horror trap” style. We recently say Young Nudy dip his toe into it this year on his project Dr. EV4L, but Lil Wop was a innovator. His approach to the style involved this breath-heavy with strained vocals with a delivery similar to early career Gucci Mane. His lyrics involved trapping with references to horror. He was doing this style as early as 2017, which we are now seeing others picking up the style.

This is important to note because this new project has none of that. This new album feels like something Trippie Redd would make. Which is interesting, since they had a collaborative album in 2017. That album had a completely different focus though, Lil Wop handled that rough rap delivery with slight melodies. Trippie Redd handled the singing with the focus on emotional content. This was a full 5 years ago now.

This tape however is all Lil Wop, taking a Trippie Redd singing approach to the songs. What this tape lacks however, is a Trippie Redd. Lil Wop does not have the vocal range as him, his range is extremely limited. Instead of being able to pull off a new twist on it, he comes off as an imitator rather than a contemporary.

It might be a little unfair to give this project so much criticism since he did release another album of his usual style. Maybe this album was an artistic venture. He does not pull it off in positive way though. This project feels like he’s lost all originality, anything a fan would look for in Wop is not here.

A true modern collaboration with Trippie Redd would be welcome, but hopefully this is just a one-off and we get back to what makes Lil Wop good.

Stream Zero Gravity here:

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