Lndn Drgs & Larry June – 2 P’z in a Pod (Review)

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2 P’z in the Pod is an apt title for this album; The consistent chemistry and pimp energy of old-soul Cali rappers Jay Worthy and Larry June is on full display here. Originally slated to be executive produced by Westside Gunn, it ended up being fully laced by Sean House of Lndn Drgs, and the results are fantastic. It might be a short listen that doesn’t reinvent the wheel, but any fan of some dark, funky riding music should look no further.

The album opens with a skit by the Suga Free, not only a stamp of approval from an OG, but also further setting us up for what we’re about to hear. The first song “Vanilla Cream” is ridiculously smooth, with long horns, dreamy keys, and such a freely dancing percussion line. Jay brings his signature lazy flow while handing it off to Larry who always paints a picture of the good life. Next is “Big Funds”, which has a deeper G Funk beat and a showstopper hook from CeeLo Green; His falsetto breaks through and fits the west coast sound so well. Further skits like the beginning of “Sock it 2 Me” keep us invested in the player motif. Jay and Larry might not be the most technical or groundbreaking MC’s, but they are great at their subject matter and provide a vibe if nothing else.

All this being said about the rapping being straightforward yet satisfying, it is producer Sean House who really deserves his flowers at this point. His blend of soul and G funk is always immaculate and transports you to the Bay in the 90’s. To hear him branch out from Lndn Drgs and collab with other big name West Coast rappers would be amazing, as his talents need to be utilized to the fullest potential. On “Maybe the Next Time”, his sharp funk gives way to a classic soul sample on the hook. The way he finds these choruses is really special.

East coast pimp Roc Marciano continues a special run (coming off a collab album with T.F) and kills it on a beat you’d never imagine him on. The next couple songs “Leave It Up To Me” and “She’s Not Around” both feature dope vocal loops with such different tones. “She’s Not Around” laces Jay and Larry with a dope opportunity for a concept, speaking on how they view their women, having a good time while never getting in their feelings.

The record rounds out with “Hotel Bel-Air”, a slightly more introspective cut where the two recollect on their come up and success, and “Late Nights”, which is nice outside of the poor mixing on Jim Jones’ verse. Overall, 2 P’z in a Pod is a long overdue collab album which just makes for great vibes. Whatever Jay Worthy does next under Griselda, Sean House’s next collaborations, and Larry’s direction might be are sure to be great.

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