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This past week saw the take down of one of the best archives for Chicago rapper Lucki’s tracks. Here we bring a playlist of those tracks that were lost.

Lucki has been at the game for years now. Having deciding to take up music full-time at just the age of 16, he dropped the groundbreaking project Alternative Trap along with the decision. That however, is only half the story. The Lucki we have now is really unrecognizable from his early career, yet just as good. His current sound is this ethereal, spacey drugged out vibe, more so than his early work. While his lyricism is much more simplified, the impact of his lyrics is as strong as ever.

This along with a extremely sporadic release schedule has elevated him to a cult-like status. This constant toeing of the mainstream and the underground has made a point of many discussions. His change into the current sound was not one taken lightly, facing a lot of backlash and genuine worry internet fanbases. However, looking at the current landscape of hip hop, he can be seen as one of the most brilliant and innovative.

While Lucki is anything but lazy, he has released a project every year since his debut mixtape, many songs have not seen official releases. His unreleased discography spans about an hour and a half of material. This is a significant portion of his discography, which spans a total of eight and a half hours without it. One such YouTube Channel that put these songs on streaming platforms, Lucki Archive, saw a recent takedown of the material that was up. Here we have put together a playlist of the songs that were on that channel via YouTube.

While we can not bring these songs back to streaming, at the very least we have a decent track of what was on the channel and an alternative method of listening. Hopefully the takedown of this channel means that Lucki is gearing up for a new release. Lucki has just released a couple new songs recently, one being a Zaytoven beat and the other being a song from the channel, “New Drank.” While this takedown is a massive loss to Lucki Die-Hards, this could spell the beginning of a new chapter of Lucki’s albums.

Check out more of our playlists here.

Stream Lucki’s official music here.

Note: Two tracks are missing, Geekboy & Where I Be. Until we can find decent uploads of these tracks they’ll be left off. If there are ever uploaded though, the playlist will be updated.

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