Lucki & Babyface Ray Are The Next Duo to Look Out For

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With a handful amount of collaborations under their belt, the duo has proven to be some of the best out right now. Blending their styles & beats from Chicago & Detroit respectively, they come together to create a whole new sound. Plenty of lean & fashion bars abound, the duo ramps up demand for a full tape.

Lucki – White House (ft. Babyface Ray)

Years in the making, Lucki’s first full length album features a brand new collaboration with Babyface Ray. The horns call back to the early 10s trap era, as Lucki & Babyface Ray trade bars about their lean & drug usage. Teamed up with SpaceTheWizard, who has a handful of beats of Babyface Ray’s album, the duo feels unstoppable.

Babyface Ray – Back N Action (ft. Lucki)

The first official collaboration between the duo, this track sees Lucki closer to Babyface Ray’s world. A true Detroit trap beat sees Ray right at home, but Lucki’s ability to fit the beat perfectly is remarkable. A barrage of bars, this track sees both of them with their own verses but trading adlibbing duties for each other.

Lucki & Babyface Ray – Young OG (Unreleased)

Originally meant for Lucki’s debut, the track has been mistaken for “White House” on Flawless Like Me. The track can be found in the leak version of the album, this track sees them similarly trading bars. Instead of the anthemic beat that lands on the album, this track aims for a subdued vibe but is laced with immaculate flexes.

Lucki & Babyface Ray – Who Can I Trust (Unreleased)

Seeing the same producer as “Back N Action,” the duo is featured on this leak with some of their most depressing lyrics yet. While its dripping in flexes of wealth & price raising, the thoughts of trust in others run rampant. The fittingly woozy production captures this hazy mindstate as they rap their hearts out.

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