Lucki & F1lthy – Wake Up Lucki (Review)

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Big Tune. Neptune. Lucki6Below. DeadboyLife. Lucki, formerly known as Lucki Eck$, is a critically acclaimed vocalist with plethora of nicknames. One of his newest and most deserved nicknames added to that list is The Underground King. While his lyrics and overall content may never reach across the country through TikToks and fast food commercials, the Chicago native transparently croons poetry that connects with the underbelly of urban America.

The self-proclaimed lowlife is often a masterclass in providing a free textbook on how to finesse your way through the struggles many face on a daily basis, whether it be women, the all-encompassing “opposition”, or any plug you’ll ever meet. Another recurring theme in Lucki’s music, and arguably the more significant factor in explaining his cult-like following, is how well he discusses his many pharmaceutical vices. In Wake Up Lucki, you will hear a lot about oxycodone and codeine, many references to ounces and pounds, and the occasional mention of a woman named Molly; and every beat and flow will make you forget about how depressing or demoralizing these vices may really be.

You just said you love me,

I know who really love me

Lucki immediately reminds recurring listeners why they shouldn’t be so quick in accepting potentially faux affection. His disdain and mistrust for smiling faces is such a big focus throughout the 27 minute project that it is no coincidence the refrain on the outro expresses how he’s learned not to be easily fooled by conditonal love; You can only trust it if its free.

His single “Neptune vs. the Industry” features an example for why production collective “WorkingOnDying’s” workhorse F1lthy is deserving of his recognition on a more mainstream level. Perhaps best known for his work with Drain Gang and on Playboi Carti’s Whole Lotta Red, the Pennsylvania producer is a frequent collaborator of Lucki’s and many fans have always thought this joint project was long-overdue. As fans we can be thankful, though, because there’s hardly a dull moment from either on their 2021 outing.

As far as standout moments are concerned, it is hard not to see “U.G.K.” as one of the best examples of Lucki’s maturation and evolution as a rapper. He has undoubtedly always had catchy or clever bars, but with “U.G.K.”, his flows and overall approach to harmonizing with the beat are displayed at the highest level. Every topic you’ve come to expect from Lucki is mentioned with the same bravado and confidence we are use to seeing. And when you’re truly the underground king, “who needs you to tell em you the G.O.A.T.”?

Wake Up Lucki is a perfect way for new listeners to step into the hazy, melancholic world that is Lucki’s music while also serving as terrific fan-service for longtime supporters. The sounds are created by F1lthy provides a perfect platform for Lucki to dazzle and hypnotize listeners with his dreary lyrical content and smooth flows. Whether you prefer the vocalist to take center-stage or you choose to focus on the immaculate production, this tapes got a little something for everyone. It won’t be difficult to enjoy Wake Up Lucki for however long it takes the Underground King to return.

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