Maj4L- Scarred Forever (Review)

Relationships are probably the most common subject for music. It’s existed since the beginning, so to reinvent the wheel in that aspect is absurdly difficult. In the mainstream, we see artists such as Drake retreading the same sounds he innovated years ago, and artists like The Weeknd exploring sounds from decades ago. So when a newcomer arrives, it’s usually a breathe of fresh air. They’re usually not providing something radically different, but they’re able to spin their own perspective with updated sounds.

That’s what Maj4L is able to provide on his newest project. His lyrics of emotional trauma of failed relationships are heart wrenching. On tracks he’s able to string together stories of his trauma, on many tracks dealing with the thoughts of suicide. They feel cinematic, on some tracks mimicking the breathing in real time he felt during these situations. Paired with his unique style of singing, you feel his pain in each track.

This album doesn’t need some vague overembellished concept to drive it’s ideas home. It’s pure honestly in each track, not wasting time making it requirement to piece loose ideas together. He’s even self reflective on tracks, not shoving the blame completely on his ex. He sees the flaws in himself, and fiends to make things better. Even though he understands that things can’t be the same.

It’s not an album that will change the landscape of music for years to come, but it doesn’t need to be. The album was clearly an act of catharsis for the artist, and one that hopefully many listeners find solace in. Maj4L knocked this album out of the park, without the need to appeal to others. It’s a special album, one that can only be born out of true to life situations.

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