March 2022 NY Drill Music Round-Up Playlist

Sha Ek & Bouba Savage – FOOT ON THEY NECK

Sampling this Albanian song, Bouba & Sha diss as many opps as possible. Sha’s delivery has slowly become cleaner & nicer, yet still maintaining the hype he’s been known for. Bouba’s energy is full of youth & matches Sha’s just as aggressively.

Bando x Reemo – Back 2 Back

Taking a flip of the classic J-Lo track, the duo speak on Nas Blixky & many of their other opps. On a mission to get rich, they try refuse to back to down. The sample plays lowly letting the drill beat shine, meanwhile Bando & Reemo cut right through with their threats.

Stain Blixky – Big Poppa

Possibly the most NY track here, Stain Blixky brings a flip of the NY classic. It may not be the smooth classic that Biggie brought, but it encapsulates the new energy that the young NY Drill scene brings. Stain’s flow is off beat as hell but packed with one-liners that make up for everything in its short run time.

Yus Gz – PSA

Yus Gz returns once again to bring another gritty banger. His voice is somehow grittier than ever, sounding as if he’s gargling rocks. Despite this, he packs the track out with multiple bars & shots at his opps. With a beat that’s just as eerie, the track makes for an off-kilter banger.

Quelly Woo – What You Know Freestyle

Just as Pop made a modern classic out of a classic, Quelly continues to carry the torch back to the streets. With plug talk & drug talk filling out the track, Quelly Woo’s deep voice creates an incredible atmosphere. The production being completely blown flips everything into a hard banger.


Flipping what was an originally a beautiful club hit into a street classic with heavy aggression, JayBucks raps as many threats as he can within minutes. If that wasn’t enough, he adds another flip towards the backend of the track. With the last beat capturing more of a jersey club feel, JayBucks captures as much as he can of the entire tri state area’s sound.

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