Max B – Negro Spiritual (Review)

Max B drops another prison release that showcases his Max’s passion for music more than ever.

Max B’s artistry has been snubbed due to his jail sentence. In spite of this, his spirits are as high as ever. This can be heard over various interviews he’s done over the years and small spots on French Montana releases. However the last couple of years we have seen full releases from Max B from jail. Under the guidance of Paul Couture, his sound has become listenable once again. Releases like Toothy Wavy would be good but they are recorded over a jail phone and in extremely low quality. These last few releases are finally some decently recorded Max verses.

House Money is enjoyable but feature heavy. Wave Pack is a compilation with a couple fresh tracks. Charly is the better of the bunch being majority solo but criminally short. That brings us finally to full release and its just as good as his older work.

Couture being the producer could be worrisome, as Max’s chemistry with Dame Grease is one of the best around, but Couture’s production works wondrously with Max. Sure he’s not Dame Grease, but there’s a clear love for the sound that he built that he’s good at emulating without being a cheap imitation. Songs like “Favorite Man” give you that Dame Grease vibe with modernized drums. Max’s choice of Paul Couture is interesting, but its clearly one he put a lot of thought into because the songs match the quality of older material.

While French’s They Got Amnesia had a Max B outro, something that only teased as their return as a duo, the song “Black Out” is a reminder of their abilities together. Its a modern take for sure, with predominantly trap production but it also says that when Max B is free they will be unstoppable. “75 in the Can” is a funkier sound we haven’t heard much of from Max, but does a great job over it. The song even has a small portion calling back to the classic song “The Message.” The title of it calling back to his jail sentence only elevates the impact of the song.

“Revolution” one of the albums most emotional tracks on the album detailing actions of police brutality. Max’s experience brings a different edge on to a track like this due to his life still on the inside of the jail system. “Porno Music 3” is a worthy follow-up in the trilogy of songs. The song is a bit more light-weight than the original, it is much more similar to its 2nd part. Yet he still comes through with a lush sex track as usual.

Negro Spiritual is another worthy release into Max’s catalogue. While it may not be as strong as something like Vigilante Season or Domain Diego, his passion is still as strong as ever. The recording quality may not be the best, its noticeable not good on the vocals and paired with the clean production it doesn’t sound the best, but it is much better than a jail phone recording. If these are the quality of releases that are coming from prison, only time can tell what the quality of his releases will be once he’s released.

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