Maxo Kream’s Had An Impressive Career, but What’s Next?

Houston rapper Maxo Kream has a catalog of music that many would dream to have. A discography with heavy bangers but never at the sacrifice of lyrical ability, his skills on the mic never fail to impress. Despite such a fruitful career, it does feel like his production choices have stagnated. Here, we’ll highlight some of his wilder production choices.

CELL BOOMIN (ft. Father)

#Maxo187 is an album that holds up to this very day, but possibly no track stands out more than “CELL BOOMIN.” Teaming up with Father, who has his own history of tracks sampling phone ringtones, the duo make one of the greatest bangers ever. Mixing plug talk with plenty of phone bars, its a hustler anthem that should not be skipped.

BIG PERSONA (ft. Tyler, The Creator)

Feels like each time Tyler produces for someone outside his usual circle, magic happens (take $ilkmoney’s “My Forte” for example). Having all of Tyler’s production hallmarks laced into the beat, he found the perfect blend between him & Maxo’s musical worlds. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect, coming off the back of Call Me If You Get Lost, which saw Tyler rapping his most flex-heavy bars to date.

FETTI (w/ Playboi Carti & Da$H)

A song that’s gone on to be a classic, seeing an early Playboi Carti dropping one of his best hooks ever & teaming with the likes of lyrical greats like Da$H & Maxo Kream. This paired with its eerie trap beat, nearly sounding otherworldly, makes for an addictive drug anthem. While Maxo’s main production choices never lack, they never take a truly unique approach such as this.

7 Day Theory (w/ Da$H)

Another collaboration with Da$H, this one sees Maxo Kream over a much lower key instrumental compared to his more hyped trap tracks. Sampling Koopsta Knicca’s “Stash Pot”, it makes for a trippy sounding beat as the duo take you into their drug-fueled world. If Maxo could deliver a whole project like it, it would be some of his best yet.

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