Mickey Diamond & Camoflauge Monk New Album “Capital Gains” Releasing September 29th

Detroit rapper Mickey Diamond will be teaming up with Buffalo, New York producer Camoflauge Monk for a new release in 2023. Titled Capital Gains, the album will release September 29th. Features on the album will include Jamil Honesty, Cise Greeny, Pro Dillinger, and more.

The tracklist is as follows:

  1. Nobody Move
  2. Capital Gains
  3. Current Events (ft. Jamil Honesty)
  4. Nike Checks x New Balances (ft. Cise Greeny)
  5. Carbone’s Interlude (ft. Big Trip)
  6. Army Jacket (ft. Substance810)
  7. Anything to Get the Doe
  8. Cross The Line (ft. Snotty & Pro Dillinger)
  9. Tats on My Belly Interlude (ft. Mvck Nyce)
  10. Stocks x Bonds

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