Midwxst – Back in Action 3.0 (Review)

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Indianan rapper Midwxst returns further twisting & bending the lines between hyperpop & hip hop. While his older material sees him over bright yet aggressive production, his recent series titled Back in Action catch him over more proto-typical hip hop production. At least to his standards that is.

The hallmarks of a hyperpop beat can be found within these new tracks, a super clipped out bassline & distorted autotune vocalizations, but there is overtly a hip hop flair to the tracks. He takes typical trap braggadocio & flips into this other genre, creating a whole new feel that can be hard to find from anyone else. In a sense, he’s making a true “Hyperpop Mixtape.”

While the trap influences are strong, the song with Babytron sees him falling into the Detroit Trap sound. With a blasted out bass that is undeniably hyperpop but the drums & other production techniques make Detroit trap iconic. He & Babytron are incredibly playful together in their raps, making for a fantastic combination.

midwxst – 223’s (ft. BabyTron)

That isn’t too say it isn’t without even more daring moments, as “Mad” is easily his most interesting track here. Taking strong influence from metal music, he still manages to incorporate his unique blend of styles & have them shine through. It follows with the same aggression as his other tracks, but the metal instrumentation adds a new dimension to the song.

These more experimental tapes are interesting, but hopefully he finds his way back to the more beautifully layered beats of earlier material like SUMMER03. We do get a glimpse of this on the track “Basic,” as it incorporates those glimmering synth passages & his more melodic stylings.

Whatever direction he takes however, as proven with his last few mixtapes & albums, he prepares his audience for a wild ride. His music is full of surprises as he finds all different genres to his whim. The relentless to conform to a specific genre is admirable, even if it doesn’t fully equal the greatest project. All these musical journeys will only strengthen him along the way.

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