midwxst New Album “e3” Releasing September 1st

From South Carolina, rapper midwxst is releasing a new album in 2023. After many mixtapes, EPs and various releases, this will be their first debut album. The album will be titled e3, and will release September 1st. There is no tracklist yet, but the album art was revealed through their Twitter.

From the description on their website:

The songs of midwxst feel like beacons in a tempest, a blend of rap, rock and whatever else he needs to bottle up the exact feeling in his heart. And on his debut album, “E3”, it is on prime display. Co-executive produced by midwxst and Sophie Gray, it’s a tightly-wound concept record and an intricate painting of love and relationships that midwxst hopes will guide listeners in a deeper way than anything he’s done before.

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