Mike Shabb & Nicholas Craven New EP Titled “Shadow Moses” is Releasing April 14th

Announced by Nicholas Craven through his Twitter, he will be producing a project for Mike Shabb. Titled Shadow Moses, the EP will release on April 14th. Along with this announcement, he mentioned that Tha God Fahim & Mike Shabb’s tape will follow sometime after this release.

Incredibly prolific, this is just one of what will surely be many more projects under Craven’s belt in 2023. This is already his second project of 2023, as Shot Clock King 4 with him & Tha God Fahim released on March 23rd. 2022 saw the third installment of Shot Clock King previously, having released April 26th. The other EP he had released in 2022 was with Pappy Natson, titled Silver Lining.

As far as albums, he released multiple, such as the third installment to his Craven N series on February 18th. He released a collab with Raz Fresco sometime after titled Boulangerie on April 1st. He also released an album titled Ostie De Tabarnak that never hit streaming, only ever being a vinyl exclusive. Two projects he had released with Akhenaton released as well, Latin Quarter Pt. 1 & 2 released on May 20th & June 24th respectively. He capped off the year with a release with Boldy James titled Fair Exchange No Robbery, having dropped on September 30th.

That’s not to take away from Mike Shabb though, who released two projects in 2022. The first of which dropped on March 3rd, titled Sewaside II. He also released Bokleen World on November 20th, which featured Chung & Raz Fresco. Mike Shabb also featured & produced on Chung’s album that year, titled See You, When I C U.

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