Milez Grimez – Milezstone (Review)

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Rhode Island MC Milez Grimez has gone far too long without his flowers. An MC of this caliber needs some shine, especially in the current hiphop landscape; But that lyrical talent hasn’t always translated into projects which are full, enjoyable listens (some collaborations and bar fests are still nice). Considering his background and style, it has been difficult to find a sound and meaningful place. On this new album Milezstone however, Milez Grimez unleashes a concise, personal, and technically masterful LP – an early album of the year contender.

Staying in control of the game while yall play the bleachers

Understand no one schooling me, I was raised by teachers

I been the proof since a youth on the mic,

Long as I’m living I’m living proof that music is life

This entire album feels highly reminiscent of the late 90’s / early 2000’s hardcore backpack scene. The first thing you might notice is how much Milez’ voice and style are like Vinnie Paz. He has versatile flows and that same hungry, mean energy with some clear battle rap influence. Production wise, you definitely get that acoustic and quirky boombap, courtesy of Nottz and Psycho Les among others. Not to keep diminishing Milezstone to comparisons, but the beats would sound at home with early Aesop Rock and Blockhead. Many hooks are just DJ scratches (including samples of Q-Tip and CHECK) which further this boombap motif. All of this old school mentality – modernized just enough – matches Milez so well because his content is just that: Steeped in the game and full of classic energy.

The content of Milezstone and the variety is part of what makes it such a strong listen. On some tracks like “Grimez Galore” and “Had to Be Done”, Milez is just barring out. He has an impressive command of the mic and is spitting some really vicious disses at wack MC’s. In fact, that’s an important theme here: Milez’ passion for the game. So while he might dedicate a lot of energy to showing his own prowess and shitting on the competition, he places an equal value on history. Meanwhile, features from the legendary Sticky Fingaz (“When ya done with the pussy ya gotta fuck her in the ass!”) and Alyssa Marie add nice contrast with their flows and are simply a good match for the album’s energy.

My Henny chaser is ayahuasca… You can try to bark but your bite is softer than a chihuahua’s

All you timid frauds swimming with sharks and getting devoured

Yall should quit before you stiff in a coffin filled up with flowers,

You cowards don’t stand a chance

Throw up ya hands and go do the Hammer dance into an ambulance

“Serious Joy” and the title track are epic outros in which Milez delves into his come up and position in the game. With a truly beautiful sample and sung hook on the former, he raps about growing up with musical parents, getting his name from Miles Davis, and the thrill he feels every time he touches the mic; Hiphop saves lives – shout out Lupe Fiasco. Grimez is just the perfect embodiment of hiphop and models the dedication and love we need.

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