Mistah F.A.B. 2022 Recap Playlist

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A legend in the bay rap scene, Mistah F.A.B.’s 2022 has shown massive growth for the artist. While his output has never slowed, always having a release in the works, this year he released three tapes that showed a different side of his music. His older work fully embraced the hyphy sound, but this year the music he made was much more mature. Looking over his life & how he was able to find success, he gave some of the better albums of the year with the most luxurious production you can find.

O.W Gurley [Black Designer]

Of the albums he had released, this is easily the best of them. Naming each track after an important figure of the black community, Mistah F.A.B. speaks on his youth & finding success through the rap career. He speaks from more grown perspective, leaving behind his known hyphy raps for retrospective raps.

Poor Sport [Lambos & Mazi’s]

On Lambos & Mazi’s, he returns to his Stan Pablo style persona. Rapping over trap style beats, he returns to a grittier side of his raps. The beats seemingly take more from the trap scene found in Detroit, so you can expect the beats to have a heavy, bouncy bassline.

Wrong Roads [Key To The City]

His third album of the year finds a decent blend between these two styles. He manages to stay with the more contemporary trap sounds, but he also brings back those introspective raps found on Black Designer. Exploring all these new sounds continuously in such a lengthy career is impressive, and he delivered throughout the whole year.

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