My Night at Cash Cobain’s Slizzy Fest

I’ve been having some poor luck at shows lately. Previously, I’ve tried to go to Lucki’s Listening Party for Flawless Like Me, which winded up getting shut down by NYPD leaving a bunch of people standing outside the venue aimlessly. Then I tried my hand at getting tickets to a Homixide Gang show, but in typical Opium fashion, it got cancelled. This time around, after deciding “Fisherrr” is not a moment I can miss, I went with buying tickets to the first ever SlizzyFest.

Comprised of Cash Cobain, Chow Lee, Vontee the Singer and more, after seeing the reception they all have been getting, its undeniable that this Slizzy movement is here to take over. Years of work have culminated into Cash Cobain moving from just a producer to one of the catchiest vocalists in all of NY. Whether it be the memes of Chow Lee’s “swag it” or the dances that have coincided with “Fisherrr,” the music at its core is something that has been missing in the identity of NY for years. Not something for the boom bap old heads, not some indie odd ball shit, not yelling drill, but some true fun club music.

After acknowledging that its only up from here as far as their fame goes, I got my ticket. Which was immediately worrisome, as just a few days later the show got rescheduled. Luckily it moved only a day later, moving the date due to his own birthday bash. Honestly though, shit was giving me some flashbacks to the other shows.

Chow Lee – Swag It (Blockworktv Performance)

Night of the show comes, I get there for the schedule time of the doors opening, and its wrapped around the block. Waiting in line got it all as is, clouds of weed smoke, someone tryna sell shots claiming the venue has watered-down bullshit, general hip hop talk. It also looked like Complex pulling people out of the line for interviews on what Slizzy means. Its chill, but as an hour after doors supposedly have opened, the line hasn’t moved.

At some point the line did move down a bit, for some reason now into two lines instead of one. So more waiting ensued. During it, some green roses were passed out to the women in the line, and J.P. even randomly popped up walking through the line. (y’know, the dude with the song that goes “You ever make a bitty hit her knees?“). While waiting, something was going on at the doors, which was only able to be communicated by yells of everyone being told to back up. This went on for a few minutes, until a fight broke out.

This completely disrupted the line, causing people to come closer in to see what was going on. After a short intermission of arguments, the fight broke out again, causing the line to spill out into the streets. It was coming clear to me that, just like the Lucki listening party, that it was gonna get shut down. Except that one was free & I did pay for this one.

Cash Cobain – Dunk Contest [Official Video]

Everyone was waiting, trying to figure out the next move, people start looking into refund policies and looking for videos of the inside of the venue since some people did get in. From the looks of it, a small amount of people actually made it in, while there was this giant gathering on the other side of the doors. Another five minutes, and I decided to cut my loses & head out.

Which couldn’t have been a dumber move, since as soon as I make it out to the other side of the street, I immediately hear “Is that Cash?” Turning around, there he is with his entourage walking right out the door. Cash moves silently, not adding fuel to the fire, literally just walking as the entire crowd shifts behind him to follow. The whole event has now suddenly moved from from Irving Plaza to Union Square Park in Manhattan.

Cash Cobain x Bay Swag – Fisherrr | From The Block Performance 🎙(New York)

Within minutes of arriving at the park, it goes from people playing “Fisherrr” off of their phones and single small bottle of Don Julio to a full impromptu party complete with one of those big portable bluetooth Ion speakers. Cash & crew, fitted seemingly head to toe in Pelle Pelle, stand on the ledge performing to the crowd below & adjacent to them with their Sprinter van out front of them. The night did a full 180, going from what felt like another cancelled show added to the pile, to one of the most important feelings in a long-time. An artist genuinely trying to make something happen so he doesn’t disappoint hundreds of people, and simultaneously create an unforgettable night.

There’s countless ways this could have gone worse. It could’ve been done right then and there, just say fuck it show’s over everyone go home. He could’ve accidentally incited a riot, as we’ve seen with some situations with streamers & other artists, but instead the best situation possible happened. It became something completely makeshift, but to impossible to be disappointed in.

What this night proves, is the music is speaking for itself. Again, Cash was moving silently throughout that crowd, and all that crowd wanted to hear was “Fisherrr” and “Dunk Contest.” The people were going to hear those songs no matter what it took. Wherever he goes, the people will follow, because the music is that good.

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