N.E.R.D – Reading Festival 2018 (Live Rip)

The band N.E.R.D from Virginia, made up of Pharrell Williams, Chad Hugo & Shay Haley, have had a long-standing career. Over twenty years have past since their debut album, and their influence on the genre can be seen in many younger artists in the genre today. To this day they are still doing shows, and around the release of their fifth album No One Ever Really Dies, they got to showcase their fresh material. In 2018, they got to perform a show at Reading Festival, where they did a pleasant mix of their new material & older work.

N.E.R.D – Reading Festival 2018

The tracklist is as follows:

  1. Anti Matter
  2. Kill Joy
  3. Deep Down Body Thrust
  4. Spaz
  5. Rollinem 7’s
  6. 1000
  7. Everyone Nose (All the Girls Standing in the Line for the Bathroom)
  8. Stir Fry / Grindin’ / Pass the Courvoisier Part II / Drop It Like It’s Hot / Apeshit / Neon Guts / Alright
  9. She Wants to Move
  10. Rockstar
  11. Lapdance
  12. Lemon


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