New Album from Pruven Titled “Egregious Elevation” Releasing February 17th

With a pre-order currently available on his Bandcamp, the rapper Pruven will be releasing his next album. Born in Richmond, Virginia & currently based in the Bronx, the album will be titled Egregious Elevation. Releasing February 17th, the fourteen-track album’s sole feature is from K-Rino. With album art done by Squatdeadface, we’re anticipating an exciting listen.

The tracklist is as follows:

  1. Elevated Intro
  2. Vox Arrangements
  3. Self Knowledge Applied
  4. Paths To Dedication
  5. House Bill 4471
  6. Wounds Sown (feat cuts by DJ Toshi)
  7. Take Actions from Thought (feat K-Rino) cuts by Cutsupreme
  8. Knowledge & Dirt Speak
  9. G.W. Bridge Smoke
  10. Mansa Musa Walking on Klan Graves
  11. Miracles Mix Mayhem
  12. Drive On Your Own Highway
  13. Roscato Red Wine & A 8th
  14. Gross Income (Life Potential)

Pruven has already kicked the year off with a release as well, releasing a six track EP on the first of January with the help of Kyo Itachi. This release sees full production by Quiet Genius, so Pruven is sticking to the magic of working with one producer.

Kyo Itachi x Pruven – Raw Balance

Pre-order Egregious Elevation on Bandcamp now

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