New Jersey Rappers to Stay on the Lookout For

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Scenes & rappers come around every day, and seemingly no scene is as broad as what New Jersey has. Taking influences from everywhere, it has lead to a melting pot of sounds that let the rappers take all different directions. Here we’ll take a look at some acts to stay on the lookout for.


Newark rapper FL3A flow got some abrasive flows compared to many others out. Seeing himself with wild delivery that falls off & then rapidly picks back up, similar to what can be heard in Detroit trap artists like YN Jay, all his tracks make for an intense listen. When finds his way back though, its an onslaught of bars that detail insane stories of murder & sex.

BBG Steppaa – What You Bangin

Another rapper from Newark, BBG Steppaa takes more influence from the NY Drill scene. Being a neighboring state, he takes this influence with pride as he fills his tracks with plenty of disses. While a lot NY drill rappers take a gritty approach to their vocals, such as Set Da Trend & Yus Gz, BBG Steppaa’s voice is clear letting every bar hit.


Bandmanrill’s explosion has been for good reason. Finding a way to rap over the regional sound of Jersey Club, he manages to make some of the most high energy music out right now. His reintroduction of the sound to the mainstream has seen the sound find its way to many places, even NY Drill songs, creating a brand new wave of hip hop.

Topaz Jones – Baba 70s

Coming from Monclair, Topaz Jones’ made his most ambitious album with Don’t Go Tellin’ Your Momma. While it has a short film to accompany its messaging, it holds its strengths in its music that’s beautifully laced with funk-inspired instrumentals. He recounts his childhood throughout the album, and how the influence of those memories have taken him all the way to adulthood.

Mir Fontane – Frank Ocean

Mir Fontane’s work as an artist has been years in the making now, and he constantly feels like he’s been improving. The Camden rapper’s ability to blend his singing skills & storytelling raps is remarkable. His emotive vocal chops elevate the message of every track.

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