Nonazz & LUNAR. – Tread Lightly (Review)

Rapper Nonazz teams up with LUNAR. to release a short seventeen minute project that has an hour worth of content to unpack. With a relentless flow provided by Nonazz, the songs throughout have endless content to unravel. Paired against the backdrops provided by LUNAR., who is a rapper in his own right but takes to the boards of production for this one, each track gets an incredibly cinematic feel.

Titling the album Tread Lightly is an understatement, as each track features Nonazz unleashing words at a rapid fire pace. Take “Lost Orphans,” which sees himself speaking on struggles in life & overcoming each to only improve himself. Whether that be self-help or his skills on the mic, they all push him bring a layered project.

LUNAR. also shines on the production-side as well, as each track feels straight out of a movie scene. Whether that be the climatic strings of “Persephone,” or the warm guitars of “Beyond the Beyond,” they are all tastefully selected. Even the short interludes feel necessary to the album, “Intro” perfectly sets the tone for the rest of the listen despite not seeing Nonazz rap on it.

Nonazz & LUNAR. – Persephone

The features are few but they get their spotlights. Gothic Delphine gets a track for herself on the previous mentioned “Beyond the Beyond,” where she pairs perfectly to the overarching themes of the album’s struggles with self-worth. Tau teams with Nonazz for the track “Execution Ladders,” providing a verse that’s just as esoteric as Nonazz’s.

Within its short runtime, the album finds a way to be one of the most uplifting. Details of rediscovery of one’s self make for one of the constantly enjoyable listens of the year so far. Nonazz’s flawless charisma paired against the lush scores set by LUNAR. are endlessly attention grabbing, but the lyrics are what let will keep you busy deciphering.

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