Nonazz New Album “Sincerely Nazz” Releasing June 7th

Toronto rapper Nonazz will be releasing another new album in 2024. Titled Sincerely Nazz, the album will release on Bandcamp June 7th. The streaming release date for the album will be June 15th. Features on the album include Patty Honcho, Sunmundi, MANSDEM, & tau. Productions credits include August Fanon, Mashoni, Nonazz, Crimzon Merlot, B1G Z, klwn cat, DVNT Beats, Āthmaan, & BMG Castro.

The tracklist is as follows:

  1. Lo Mein
  2. Success
  3. NAZZ FM
  4. Nazz’s interlude 2
  5. Mauve Walleys
  6. Shrimp Biryani
  7. Fetti
  8. Sincerely Nazz
  9. Allignments
  10. Solitude
  11. Angel Dust

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