Notable Jersey Club Remixes of Hip Hop Songs

Jersey Club has been a notable staple of New Jersey’s club scene. Remixing seemingly anything, the biggest songs that come from the scene are usually the hip hop tracks. Making any song in the world a dance hit, it can be daunting to get into. Here we’ll try to capture some notable remixes that have come from the scene.

Fetty Wap – Trap Queen (DJ Cueheat)

Fetty Wap has become synonymous with New Jersey. Easily being the biggest artist to come from the state in the last decade, his breakout hit “Trap Queen” has been a staple for years. So of course it was bound to get the Jersey Club remix treatment. Done by DJ Cueheat, this track hits all the hallmarks of a quintessential Jersey Club remix.

French Montana – Pop That

Plenty of French Montana’s tracks have gotten their share of Jersey Club remixes, but “Pop That” is special. Already being a smash club hit, this track was prime to make a firey remix. Utilizing French’s part of the chorus that calls for the crowd to bounce, the track makes for the perfect fist pumping anthem.

Lil Uzi Vert – Money Longer (AceMula)

Most Jersey Club immediately throws you into the remix. This track takes its time, building on the original track before building into the massive drop. Even once the track drops, it builds off the other elements in the song to make it intoxicating. Its a track that proves no matter what era the songs are from, they can have be turned into a Jersey Club hit.

B-Lovee – My Everthing (DJ Taj)

DJ Taj has been working for a minute, and he still pumps out some of the best remixes out. Taking the newly birthed drill hit from B-Lovee, we get another Jersey Club hit. Complete with car sirens & a “BING BONG,” the track is infectious in every way possible.

Fetty Wap – My Way (Gvry Lite X DJ Slim Jersey)

It does feel like cheating to include Fetty Wap, but some of the best remixes came during this era. “My Way” was another undeniable hit from Fetty Wap, and its remix is just as big locally. Featuring Fetty’s iconic croons throughout the track, its an incredibly fun mix every time it comes on.

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