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While Kankan’s newfound fame as a rapper in the SlayWorld collective has been gaining him a cult following, his production work is not to be skipped over. Before the rapping, his work as a producer got him plenty of placements with then-underground stars such as, Smokepurrp, Lil Pump and Famous Dex to name a few. The Dallas, Texas born rapper has been on a grind for years, and here we can celebrate it.

ThouxanbanFauni – No Tomorrow

A true innovator in the Soundcloud scene, Kankan made one of the tracks in what would become one of the greatest compilations. Fauni’s The Lost Files has so many prime Soundcloud tracks such as “Wish The Worst” & “Deep in the Drank,” and “No Tomorrow” shares a spot amongst these essentials. The song is nothing quite like the current Rage production Kankan goes over today, but instead he provides Fauni with a well-produced plugg style beat. As he lives life like there’s no tomorrow, the beat perfectly captures that feeling.

GlokkNine – Letter To My Momma

In a spacy production by Kankan, GlokkNine drops a singular verse dedicated to his mother. The slurry autotuned delivery drenched in heartbreaking lyrics with the perfect backdrop to match. As short as the song, its a standout amongst GlokkNine’s usual works as the production is so much more different.

Smokepurpp & Xavier Wulf – Fuck A Swisher

Somehow, Kankan was able to give Smokepurrp a beat that would define the scene’s sound. While the sparse production of tracks like “Audi” became the biggest tracks, Kankan made one of the best beats on Smokepurrp’s Up Now Fuck Next. Not only is it one of the best beats, Smokepurrp & Xavier Wulf both drop excellent verses. Until the drop of Deadstar, it was easy to call this project Purrp’s best.

Famous Dex & Lil Pump – Talkin Sh*t

Just on the cusp of Lil Pump’s massive mainstream success, Kankan made an crucial collaboration between Famous Dex & Pump. Featuring Dex’s absurd delivery, Pump an ignorant as ever verse with a beat that is just as wild as the duo. Seeing where all three of them are at now in contrast of 2017 is quite a trip to view.

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