October 2021 NY Drill Round-Up Playlist

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One of the newest scenes in hip hop has faces coming out seemingly every day, so who will be the next to blow?


Its impossible to talk about the new drill scene of NY without talking about 22Gz. He has skyrocketed to one of the most prominent voices of the scene, a spot well earned after multiple years of work. His newest song cements why he’s a force to be reckoned with.


On the complete opposite side, we have 26AR. While 22Gz has a more standard trap sound, 26AR’s track is exactly what you should think of why you think of NY drill. The direct dissing, repping his crew, the signature drums with sliding bass. If there is anyone of the new scene that could compete for 22Gz’s spot, its 26AR.


Rocko Ballin is not an ordinary drill rapper in the slightest. He is actually a singer, but do not mistake him for anything but a drill superstar. There’s no other artist in the drill scene that can take the cold lyrical content and flip them into these beautiful melodies. His production does not stray, all his music carries the same production as the rest of the scene. If there are any other artists doing the melodic singing over drill beats, they’re going to have a hard time coming for Rocko’s lane.

Lil Rama – Fall In Love

Lil Rama’s song is a prime example of the so called “sample drill” scene. His song takes the classic Tanto Metro & Devonte song and flips it into a drill anthem. If this song can turn out as good as it does, its likely any song could get an amazing drill flip.

That’s a recap of some of the songs in the playlist. You can check the rest of the playlist on YouTube here.

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