OG Bobby Billions – Holy Goat 2 (Review)

On his sophomore release, OG Bobby Billions drops a heavenly release giving a glimpse into the struggles he faced in his home town. This is immediate from the intro “Dirt to Money,” where he comes out singing about how he’s made something from nothing. Not only is his voice powerful in its singing delivery, but its backed by this heavily layered vocal choir. This choir is not here for just the intro though, it sees its return throughout the album giving it just an extra touch of special care.

While the singing is phenomenal throughout the release, that’s not to take away from his rapping abilities. Like on “Church in this Club,” the solo track lets him spits bars on the bass heavy anthem. He rips through his verse flawlessly, as if it was just a stream of thought. The album may but focused on his struggles but a song like this gives a break for celebration of where he’s at now.

Multiple tracks are highlights, but the song dedicated to his home state becomes a climax on the record. With its own interlude leading to the main track, it totals out to nearly seven minutes but not a single one is wasted. He recalls the horrors that he faced on the streets, remembering the ones he lost. The track is supported by two other Houston legends, Sauce Walka & Maxo Kream. On his verse, Sauce Walka recounts the families that lost their homes in the hurricane that ravaged the state. Maxo talks about his own street life to the freedom he now takes in pride.

OG Bobby Billions & Maxo Kream – Texas (feat. Sauce Walka)


The entire release is full of emotional highlights that aim to touch anyone that is struggling for a greater situation than they’re currently in. Even the usually banger focused rapper Blueface gets a moment of introspection. OG Bobby Billions taps into a quite unique combination of gospel & trap that never loses pace throughout the release. Being an artist that is so willingly emotional bare is not easy, and it thankfully paid off for an incredible release.

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