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OG Maco drops one of his weakest projects to date.

Possibly no other rapper had quite as a meteoric rise as OG Maco. He completely blew up off of his single “U Guessed It,” and he hated it. His solution to this problem was a constant release of EPs. In retrospect, and even in the moment, this was a horrible idea. It lead to his discography being completely bloated with all conflicting styles. While there is a great handful of material, OG Maco EP still holds up strong and Breathe EP is also a good project that successfully moves away from his typical trap style.

This project unfortunately does not deliver. Intro track “Ops” does a Juice WRLD impersonation with OG’s grit. Maybe it was meant as a tribute, he’s tried that before on his EP For Scott, a tribute to Kid Cudi. If it is, its unclear. If it isn’t, its a unappealing approach.

OG Maco – Ops

This approach gets even worse on the follow-up track, “The Lord’s Speech.” While the vocals were rough on the first track, the follow-up seems to make it even worse with over-compressed vocals. “Rock Out!” takes an annoying synth with a more typical melodic trap approach. His delivery, what made him a interesting, is completely drenched in auto-tune to make him easily mistakable in a larger playlist.

Oddly his classic energy can still be heard clearly on his ad-libs. An artist trying to move away from their most popular song is understandable, but to move so far away yet keep the elements everyone loved. It feels almost like a tease, something he could still fully deliver on but chooses not to. What’s odd is he’s not making music that feels like its like a creative endeavor, he’s making by the numbers melodic trap. So such a style change without taking a real risk feels like a waste.

OG Maco has gone from one of the freshest voices of the trap scene to one of the least interesting.

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