Onyx New Album Titled “Blood On Da X” Releasing May 3rd

Legendary New York group Onyx is returning for a fresh release in 2023. Titled Blood On Da X, it will release May 3rd. The thirteen song tracklist will only have one feature, being Enwhy. The album comes just a few months after celebrating their thirty years of their quintessential album, Bacdafucup.

The tracklist is as follows:

  1. Blood On Da X
  2. Crack Ruined Everything
  3. Get The Fuc Outta Here (ft. Enwhy)
  4. Black on Black Crime
  5. Goons and Creatures
  6. Open Da Register
  7. Gimme Da Money
  8. Sign Wit The Devil
  9. Murder Rap
  10. Ignorant
  11. Calling On All Niguz
  12. Street Crowd Reaction
  13. The Boom Boom Bap

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