Open Mike Eagle New Album “Another Triumph of Ghetto Engineering” Releasing August 25th

Los Angeles, California based rapper Open Mike Eagle will be releasing a new project in 2023. The album will be titled Another Triumph of Ghetto Engineering, and will release August 25th. The album will have features from Young Zee, Video Dave, Blu and more.

The tracklist is as follows:

  1. I Bled on Stage at First Ave
  2. BET’s Rap City (ft. Young Zee)
  3. A New Rap Festival Called Falling Loud
  4. The Grand Prize Game on the Bozo Show (ft. Video Dave & still rift)
  5. We Should Have Made Otherground a Thing
  6. WFLD (ft. Video Dave, still rift & Eshu Tune)
  7. The Wire S3 E1 (ft. Blu)
  8. Dave Said These Are the Liner Notes
  9. Mad Enough to Aim a Pyramid at You

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