Overlord Scooch – Overcame Various Losses 2 (Review)

Hailing from Michigan, Overlord Scooch is part of the new wave of trap that’s coming from the scene. On his most recent release, he brings his own story to the forefront. His vivid storytelling on tracks that never shies from the truth is top tier. This album sees him try to clean his own life while uplifting the others around him.

First two tracks on this project are a firey one-two punch. “Mercedes Mirages” is a soul sample drenched that sees him rapping his heart out. He talks about recovery from lean addiction, and how he made that his mission for not just himself but the others around him. The trap life wasn’t by choice, he discusses the dangerous environment that forced him into his situation. All throughout it all, he managed to get respect from the greats in the rap scene and wants to do greater things. His passion throughout the track is unmatched, no one in his scene is rapping like this.

Themes of struggle & searching for success continue on “Wasn’t Focused.” We hear how he fought back against cases him, and how he’s taking the turn into rap. With a hook by Selena Jordan, he apologizes for the lack of focus but how it will all pay off. Along the way he found love, and how life will only get better. The moments between the two tracks feel triumphant, feeling graphic in every detail to put you alongside him.

On “Consigliere,” he links with Boldy James to rap over beside Sopranos samples. Overlord Scooch’s bars seem to directly capture Ralph Cifaretto’s character arc from the show, being comparable to his own. Boldy’s verse towards the backend detail his loyalty in the drug dealing game, and how he was able to succeed. Production has a Mafioso feel, making it even more fitting with the stories that are told.

A track that highlights his storytelling is “Gambling Spot.” The lack of a hook leaves for focus on his bars, where he recalls a gambling night gone wrong. His bars are cinematic, every bar feeling like a quick summary from a bigger movie. He captures the highs & lows of a party night effortlessly.

The talent pool of the Michigan scene is daunting, but Overlord Scooch is proving he’s not to be ignored. Having some of the best lyricism of the scene separates him from his peers, something he seems he will continue to do. With his newfound focus to succeed in rap, he seems set to take over the game. With a life full of stories to tell, he will be here to stay.

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