Peezy – Only Built 4 Diamond Links (Review)

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A member of Detroit’s Team Eastside, he’s been active since the early 2010s. Here you can feel it, his vocal tone is subdued. It comes from the standpoint of having been through it all, and it all comes together in the lyrics. The way he’s able to tell his story against these bouncy Detroit beats is something only few can manage. While Babyface Ray’s album captures the same themes, it feels like a Detroit album with a massive budget behind it. This album keeps it all Detroit, through & through.

Even the title alone captures how seriously he takes his hustle. Playing off the classic title of Raekwon’s Only Built 4 Cuban Linx, Peezy knows he can’t just settle there. The Cuban Links, they’re not good enough for Peezy. He needs the Diamond links, and this album details everything it takes to get there.

Multiple tracks here, he goes over the raids & loses he had to undertake. “Interlude” is much more than just an interlude, he goes over that struggle of being in both worlds. Having the rap money & the drug money, deciding where to go from here. Visions of police invasions run through his mind, along with all the glamour the money & drugs brought him.

Peezy – Interlude

He captures so many moments throughout his life vividly without giving too much detail. “Hustler vs. Scammer” shows his beginnings to where he’s at now, hitting all the highs & low of life along the way. Its not an easy life, the people he hurt are mentioned throughout, knowing that there’s no real highlights to the lowlife.

A track like “Freedom” focuses in on the harsh reality that the real freedom lies in money. Thinking about how financial freedom will lead him to happiness, he speaks on putting away the money instead of wasting it. He sees the others in prison system, and recongizes how he doesn’t want to fall back into that system. How he crafts these struggles of living both lives is what brings this album together, noticing that he there is always the danger of having to go back to the old days if it all falls through.

The entire album is bittersweet. There’s a focus on how he’s made it out, but always the looming fear of having to give it all up. Traumas of the previous life stay with him no matter how good life gets. Peezy’s abilities to look at his own life from this omnipotent view gives this sense of detachment, no matter how personal he seems to get.

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