Pi’erre Bourne – Good Movie (Review)

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Pi’erre continues to not be able to reach the heights of his magnum opus. His efforts on the production end have increased, as this new sees him breaking new ground in his own discography, but as a frontman he lacks any energy. Where he used to skate by on the relatability of his lyrics is now swapped for some of his strangest to date.

Take the song that he opens the album with, after an unnecessary intro instrumental & various “oh’s,” we finally get the opening bars.

She say she got a stalker, yeah, her ex be stalking her

Yeah, she say she uncomfortable, you’ll feel safe right over here (Yeah)

It is without a doubt, one of the worst openers in recent memory. Instead of relatable everyday relationship moments of TLOP4, he opts for “nice guy” mentality. Where he acts if he can protect, but within the same verse has the gall to call her paranoid about previous women. The entire verse is a massive head-scratcher, as he lazily talks about traumatizing situations like an awful father & leaving her best friend behind. His lyrics were usually non-descript relationship pitfalls, but now they’re much to heavy to ignore.

Pi’erre Bourne – Shorty Diary

While TLOP4 is laced with these DJ tags all throughout & subtle blending of tracks to create a consistent flow, this album has dedicated interlude to seemingly every track. Never do they elevate the album, instead they create bloat to the tracklist. This, along with long-winded refrains from Pi’erre at the beginning & end of every track, add to so much dead air in the tracklist. Executed well on something like TLOP5 it creates a fun atmosphere reminiscent of the Chopped & Screwed genre, here its mind-numbing.

Yes its easy to talk about his newer production efforts, where there seems to be a bit of a house influence amongst his already bouncy production. Yet it means nearly nothing if there’s not a strong force to tie it all together. The feature from Don Toliver is a breath of fresh air the short amount of time it lasts, its sorta nice to hear someone with actual singing capabilities. There is also a feature from Nudy that provides some actual flowing too, yet its Pi’erre that takes away from it all.

Now there seems to be nothing to take away project other than the production. His lyrics feel damn near AI-generated, barely staying coherent within the same song. His vocal abilities are not improving, something that he felt he was developing on throughout TLOP5. He weighs down every collaborative project when approaches the mic. Its an album that shows artistic growth as a producer, but none as an artist.

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