Producer Pi’erre Bourne has created a sound all his own, here we’ll look at his 2021.

Switching Lanes ft. Playboi Carti (The Life of Pi’erre 5)

Pi’erre is not only a producer but also a rapper. His style usually blends perfectly into his beats creating a hypnotic experience. Off the album in his series, he teams up with one of his most frequent collaborators Playboi Carti.

Frazier Trill – Door Swang featuring Jelly (Frazier Trill)

On his self-titled release on Pi’erre’s record label SossHouse, rapper Frazier Trill takes a full project with Pi’erre. Trap hi hats cut through out the beat with a simple synth melody, with Frazier talking his trap lifestyle. Jelly, another frequent collaborator is also featured on the track.

Chavo – Michigan Remix featuring BabyFace Ray (Chavo’s World 2)

Chavo also had a full project with Pi’erre Bourne. The song features this overblown bass that hasn’t been heard since his early release like “Hacked My Instagram.” This track is also notable due to the inclusion of BabyFace Ray, a rapper currently one of the biggest out from Detroit’s new scene.

Sharc – Gun Parade (47 Meters Down)

Another SossHouse release was brought to us from rapper Sharc. The fully produced Pi’erre release has some of the best production of Pi’erre’s 2021. “Gun Parade” is probably the most unique of the whole tape, feeling reminiscent of an early 10s trap cut with its triumphant horns.

You can find the rest of the playlist over here on YouTube.

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