Pro the Leader Album “Lonely Souls Cry Deep Inside Silently” Re-releasing September 29th

Member of American Poets 2099, Pro the Leader will be re-releasing his 2006 album in 2023. Titled Lonely Souls Cry Deep Inside Silently, the album will release September 29th. Features on the album include Warcloud, Vulgar & Anti the Decimator.

The tracklist is as follows:

  1. Lonely Souls Cry Deep Inside Silently
  2. Where’s My Appreciation (ft. Vulgar)
  3. You Ain’t Spent No Time in This
  4. Stack of Pens (ft. The Holocaust as Warcloud)
  5. Hip Hop Authenticity (ft. SkareKrow) [Unreleased Bonus]
  6. Massacre Junction (ft. Vulgar, Anti the Decimator & Warcloud) [Full Version]
  7. Ice Truck Rollin
  8. Well Prepared
  9. Mind of the Professional
  10. Changing With the Times
  11. Greedy (Bonus)
  12. Nowadays
  13. Hip Hop The Best Part of Everyday (ft. The Holocaust)
  14. Smoothed Outro (Unreleased Bonus)

The beginning of it all. The first album that sparked the formation of what is know know as American Poets 2099. We celebrate hip-hops 50th years with the re-release of his initial name The Professional Trilogy (volumes 1-3). This albums were released between around 2006, and sold independently.

Presented for the first time as a Trilogy, remastered and repackaged with bonus cuts. His catalogue, contribution to the West Coast Killa Beez and hiphop in general speaks for itself with numerous features and collaborations over 22 years of American Poetry.

Vol. 2/3 of The Professional Trilogy.

This is part of the AP2099 Black Stone of Mecca Catalogue Series, Be on the look out for the full catalogue of AP2099 including solos, group projects and possible their last album as a group.

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