Pro the Leader & Irie-1 New Album “Pro & Irie” Releasing October 31st

American Poets 2099 member Pro the Leader will be releasing a new album with Irie-1 in 2023. Titled Pro & Irie, the album will release October 31st. The lone feature on the album will be from Christ Bearer.

The tracklist is as follows:

  1. We’re Back!
  2. Instructors Of Death
  3. No Way Out (ft. Christ Bearer)
  4. Essential Hip Hop
  5. The Arsonist
  6. Life is Cruel
  7. Sound the Alarm (Irie version)
  8. Fame and Hype
  9. About to Crack
  10. Fame and Hype (OG Version)
  11. Creature Feature

From the Bandcamp description:

Halloween Special from dynamic duol: Irie-1 and Pro The Leader. Only logical to expect an album from this long time collaborators.

This is part of the AP2099 series from BSOM

Pre-Order on Bandcamp

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