Pro Zay & Sadhugold New Album “Pulled Gold Out Tha Mud” Releasing May 3rd

Texas artist Pro Zay & Philly producer Sadhugold will be releasing a new collaborative album in 2024. Titled Pulled Gold Out Tha Mud, the project will release May 3rd. All beats will be done by Sadhugold, and features for the project include Obijuan, Boldy James, Doof and more.

The tracklist is as follows:

  1. Cancun Intro
  2. Time to Go
  3. Recipe (ft. Estee Nack)
  4. Elevated (ft. Tony Tone & Twohorizonra)
  5. Wardwar 3 (ft. Doof)
  6. Make It
  7. Many Flavors (ft. Okir)
  8. Homemade (ft. Obijuan)
  9. Mandela Effect
  10. Fork (ft. Boldy James)

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