Q Da Fool – From Da Cell (Review)

Q Da Fool has been the DMV trap star for quite awhile. Having projects under his belt with producers such as Zaytoven & Kenny Beats, he’s respected but not getting the attention he deserves. Q has been making some of the most emotional trap music in the game right now. His lyrics never flex the lifestyle, they simply tell it how it is.

Each project of his seems to peer into the life of the DMV. His previous project Twin detailed the loss of an uncle, especially on the track “RIP Twin.” This project goes into more details of the city itself. This is showcased on the intro “Smoke in Da City,” where he discusses the unspeakable traumas of street life in the city.

All these tracks have bars that are incredibly vivid. Some tracks he talks about selling to his own uncle who live right outside of the White House, seeing people that he used to be in the pool with as kids become untrustworthy, sipping lean but not wanting to die like others. There’s danger around every corner imaginable. Yet despite all that, he’s tried to find a way to strive in the city.

I was tryna kill me a n*gga

Then got me some money

I cleaned that shit up with rap

N*gga tried to kill me lil n*gga

No love in my heart and they really ain’t double back

The production the project is varied enough to keep interest. “Pimpin Aint Easy” features these Zaytoven style pianos with heavy bass and fast paced hi hats. “Free Rico” is a NY Drill style beat, a style that he’s never really done before but does justice. “100 Round Boss” feels like an older Lex Luger & Waka Flocka style beat. He’s able to bring all these worlds together into one concise project impressively well.

Q has always been an impressive rapper, but From Da Cell is one of his most consistent to date. The tracks on this project talk about how he’s never need to switch up and be true to himself, and that seems to finally be fully paying off. His honesty on the tracks never feel like embellishment, providing something different from the majority of trap rappers that prefer to give a larger than life persona. With the roll he’s been on with each new release, his best work yet may be on the way soon.

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