RaRa – Abstract Trap Rap (Review)

A member of Grand Hustle, RaRa has been around for a number of years. Coming from Atlanta, he comes from a city of legends. There’s clearly a to live up to, but he’s never really gotten to shine until this moment. His newest release sees himself in prime form.

To call this release “abstract” is a bit much. Its far from abstract, but it does stray away from common place soundscapes. Beats here are layered heavily, being reminiscent of production from the early 2010s rather than modern day techniques. Tracks on here are reminders of the production rappers like 2Chainz went over much earlier in his career. Something that is a much needed change of pace in the current scene.

Intro track “Preach” is a fantastic example of this. Utilizing a sermon for the intro, RaRa cuts right through & preaches his own story. Bombastic as an intro as it is, its heartfelt telling how he had get to where he is on his own. Similar themes run throughout the album, especially on the scratch heavy “Halleluiah.” His strive for success is undeniable on each track.

Moments like “Dealers in Paris” take a more affluent lifestyle, taking the listener on a worldwide trip of luxury. Something that he clearly had to earn as he describes his struggles on “Peace of Mind.” Despite all he does, the streets always call back to him. Doesn’t matter how far he gets away, even if goes to Paris, he never gets to rest from the traumas that he’s seen.

The album isn’t without its share of standard bangers though. “Really Tho” is a flex track, discussing how he has everything for real unlike his contemporaries. His ego is incredibly infectious on the tracks, making the audience feel just as great as him. “Greatest” captures that feeling like no other in the track list.

Compared to his tracks of old, his growth has been incredible. If an album dropped like this when he first came around, it would’ve blended right in. In a scene that has been whittled down to its barebones, he is a breathe of fresh air. If this album is any indication too, he’s only getting started.

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