Real Bad Man & Lukah New Album “Temple Needs Water. Village Needs Peace.” Releasing March 29th

LA producers Real Bad Man will be releasing a new album with Memphis rapper Lukah in 2024. Titled Temple Needs Water. Village Needs Peace., the album will release March 29th. Features on the album include Sypha, billy woods, The Stooky Bros and more.

The tracklist is as follows:

  1. The Village Circle (Intro)
  2. The Facilitator
  3. The Offering (ft. Sypha)
  4. The Mountain Top
  5. The Initiates Piece (ft. billy woods)
  6. The Cleansing
  7. The AMA (ft. The Stooky Bros)
  8. The Shadow Dancer (ft. Sypha)
  9. The Burial (ft. Talibah Safiya)
  10. The Farmer
  11. The Serpent Charmer
  12. The Servicemen
  13. The Poets Pour Libations
  14. The Shamans
  15. The Home Celebration (Outro)

Pre-Order on Bandcamp

From the Bandcamp description:

“Temple Needs Water. Village Needs Peace.” is a philosophical exploration into the essence of community, spirituality, and transformation. This 15-track collaboration between producer Real Bad Man and Memphis rapper Lukah meditates on themes of unity, leadership, sacrifice, and renewal.

With contributions from billy woods (Armand Hammer), Adrian Utley (Portishead), and Shabaka Hutchings, this album ascends through personal and spiritual achievements, delves into the duality of knowledge, the unseen forces, and the cyclical nature of life and death. The album reflects on growth, resilience, duty, ancestral wisdom, and the healing power of words, culminating in a celebration of inner peace and communal harmony. With a backbone of musically ambitious beats and soul-baring verses, this album carves its mark as the year’s most enthralling listen.

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