RealYungPhil New Album “Victory Music” Releasing June 2nd

Hailing from Connecticut, RealYungPhil will be releasing his first album of 2023. Releasing June 2nd, the album will be titled Victory Music. Production on the ten track album will come from the likes of Woesum, Gud & Yung Sherman, with no features.

The tracklist is as follows:

  1. I’m Not Them (Gud)
  2. I Had Enough (Gud)
  3. Old Times (Woesum)
  4. Ls to Wins (Woesum)
  5. Opening Doors (Gud)
  6. Talk of the Town (Woesum)
  7. Bad Habits (Woesum)
  8. Today (Woesum & Yung Sherman)
  9. Winners Circle (Gud)
  10. Victory Music (Gud)

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