Rich Homie Quan – Family & Mula (Review)

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The return of Rich Homie Quan is one that has been lauded by fans of the Rich Gang duo, the final product is a lukewarm one. One half of that duo, the other being similar vocal master Young Thug, Quan’s newest release feels like a way to win back people that have fallen off the train. Rarely using his vibrant voice, he instead trades it for a handful of simple trap pop tracks.

In a way, it can be looked as his So Much Fun. While Thug’s earlier work had all sorts of wild deliveries that proven him to be a special act, So Much Fun is easily his most pop friendly solo release. Its an album that opts for more neutered production, at least in comparison to the wild risks taken on Beautiful Thugger Girls & Young Martha. Similarly, Quan does the same but without the powerful feature list.

Quan’s greatest performances come along with the off-kilter production. Songs that brought him solo fame like “Flex (Ooh, Ooh, Ooh)” have a beat that has classic Atlanta snaps but a Cali-esque bassline; this along with his infectious flow make for one of the most unique hits even to this day. Meanwhile a track like “Lifestyle” under the Rich Gang duo incorporates these synths that feel like they sing along with the duo.

Rich Homie Quan – Flex (Ooh, Ooh, Ooh)

All these features that made Quan’s music unique are absent on this one. He occasionally lets his vocal chops release, but not like it used to be. He opens with “This is the Homie they been waiting on” on “Kno No More,” but it seems as if that was lost on himself as well. Its a performance that lets him move freely lyrically, but its boring production & bland vocal performance leave so much to be desired.

There is not a unique beat in this track list, with all opting for the most basic piano trap production. The only track that utilizes a sample, “Bigger Jeans,” barely adds any dimension. Its all on to the lone feature to save the day, NoCap delivers a powerful performance as usual. Having this feature only shows off the flaws in the music though.

Its clear Quan’s skillset is not the same as it used to be. Boringly safe performances on every track make for a waste of time, something that could’ve been masked underneath some features. While Young Thug’s newer work hasn’t been much to write home about as well, at least Thug still curates albums that feel like moments with an entire label to support it. Quan’s lone wolf approach works against him, showing who was truly the better half of the Rich Gang duo.

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