RJ Payne New Album “Hellraiser” Releasing June 21st

Philly rapper RJ Payne will be releasing a new solo album in 2024. Titled Hellraiser, the album will be releasing June 21st. The album’s only feature will be from Nino Man.

The tracklist is as follows:

  1. Let the Pain Begin (Skit) [Produced by Cartune Beatz]
  2. Sweet Suffering [Produced by Giallo Point]
  3. Such Sights to Show You [Produced by PA.Dre]
  4. Pain Has a Face [Produced by Giallo Point]
  5. Tare Your Soul Apart [Produced by Marc Spano]
  6. No Tears Please [Produced by Marc Spano]
  7. Night of the Cenobites (ft. Nino Man) [Produced by Giallo Point]

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